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Who we are

1st Class Hosting was founded by IT professionals that became extremely frustrated with the products and services that were available in the marketplace. Starting with Single U hosting in a world premier data center in Phoenix Arizona, we continued to develop products to help our clients save money, improve uptime and reduce headaches.

With more and more companies looking for ways to save money on their IT budget, we offer only products that can be utilized on a month to month basis with no upfront capital expenses or set up fees. We also offer contracted discounts if you will need your 1st Class Hosting solution for a longer period of time.

Today we provide world class Single U hosting with industry leading bandwidth allocations, dedicated and flexible server solutions, VPS servers and completely managed Firewalls. Every product is supported by our around the clock, dedicated team of technicians and engineers committed to keeping you online and your applications running.

Located in the safest physical environment in the country, 1st Class Hosting utilizes the Phoenix NAP data center to provide every one of our clients the ultimate in up-time.

The facility is a clean sheet build focused on isolated and redundant power systems with 100% SLA guarantees for power, cooling and humidity. Using dedicated offline UPS power systems gives Phoenix NAP the best possible power redundancy available.

The data center also has two separate carrier vaults and entrances and is located on a unique intersection where independent fiber loops pass and many carriers in the facility have built connectivity into both vaults to offer the ultimate uptime data connections.

Why Host In Arizona??

Where your applications, your data and your infrastructure are hosted can be a very big deal. Not just the data center facility, but where that data center is located.  With everything mother nature can throw at you… from earthquakes, tropical storms and hurricanes and tornadoes, being in an environmentally safe zone is more than critical.

In the United States, the city with one of the lowest probability of natural disaster is Phoenix, Arizona. Located in an area with virtually no earthquake fault lines, no proximity to ocean based hurricanes or storms, this city is the best choice to host your mission critical environments and important data.

IT professionals from all over the world have come to realize if you want your equipment in a safe area, put it in Phoenix. With 1st Class Hosting, you benefit from our private deployment in the Phoenix NAP data center.  Benefit from all of the redundant power systems, cooling and temperature guarantees without the massive capital and operating expenses of colocation. You now have the peace of mind that you data and systems are in the best location possible, completely backed up with the premier service you can count on from 1st Class Hosting.

Welcome to our family.