Managed Firewall Ultra reliable manged security

Managed Firewall

Firewalls require regular assessment, configuration and updates to remain effective and secure. Protecting  your applications has never been more critical and more difficult to do than today.

1st Class Hosting understands the incredible need for firewall protection and security and our expert security engineers will watch over and manage your firewalls 27x7x365.

Rest assured, we take immense pride in providing you with the expertise, services and solutions to secure your data based on YOUR requirements, not ours.

  • Managed firewall filtering and NAT

    Let us handle managing firewall rules for you. Unlimited changes keep your cost down while fleaxability at high altitude.

  • VPN Access

    Connect to your servers via nearly any VPN method for a secure connection for management of servers. Gives you full access and keeps the bad guys out.

  • Web application firewall

    Hosting a web server with form submission? This module can scan all uploads for viruses, malware, even SQL injections that can cause your site to be hacked or taken down. Sleep well at night knowing your protected.

  • Email Spam and Virus filtering

    If your running your own e-mail server, spam and virus filtering is mandatory these days. Filtering is done before reaching your mail server which will increase mail performance and security.

  • On staff Sophos Certified Architects

    Rest assured your security needs are handled by professionals. We have the highest level of Sophos certified staff to perform all UTM management. We take security seriously and provide the same level of detail on our managed platform.

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